Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tip Tuesday - Sun Spots

The best remedy is prevention, but chances are you already have a dark spot or two... (or many!)

In order to prevent these pesky patches of skin, avoid wearing citrus oils and perfumes in direct sunlight because they can cause dark spots on the skin. Many skin care products can also make the skin photosensitive (sensitive to the sun). Check the labels of your products, especially facial peels with fruit acids. Antibiotics also make your skin sensitive to the sun, resulting in hyperpigmentation if left unprotected. 

To lighten dark spots, look for products with hydroquinone, kojic acid or licorice extract (glycyrrhizinate). Glycolic acid or calendula cream may also help slowly fade hyperpigmentaion. If all else fails, consult your dermatologist and ask about a peel or a prescription strength fade cream.

Not sure where Prtty Peaushun falls on the spectrum of photo-safe products? Luckily, PP passes with flying colors. Bethany Karlyn explains that:

Regarding Hyper pigmentation (melasma), avocado is rich in fatty acid, vitamin C and oleic acid, all of these ingredients are good for hyper pigmentation treatment. It is thought that Grapefruit essential oil is not phototoxic, unlike most of the other citrus oils; although Grapefruit oil does contain furocoumarins, which are responsible for phototoxic effects, it also contains other chemical components which appear to neutralize the potential phototoxicity.  When hyper pigmentation is caused by sun damage, the strong antioxidants in the formula that protect the skin against sun damage are Japanese Green Tea and Rosemary. Every single ingredient in Prtty Peaushun has a benefit for the skin and all together are a perfect combination to repair the skin, using it daily. We have had great results in diminishing dark spots with regular use of Prtty Peaushun. Use the Plain every night before bed to see amazing results!

And as always, the best remedy is prevention. Wear sunscreen always and a hat if possible.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tip Tuesday - Putting in Legwork

Nothing will give you leg-envy like Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim!

Hard work and good genes are definitely in the recipe for a fantastic bod, but fortunately, you don't have to be a swimsuit model to get perfect pins. 

In good timing, amazing makeup artist and Prtty Peaushun fan Lisa Eldridge shares her tips for quick glam gams.

Lisa Eldridge - How To Make Your Legs Look Great - Instant Fixes!

Photo: Yohanna Peet

And IN CASE YOU MISSED the bathing suit buzz, definitely check out the genius MBFW makeup team on Instagram for behind the scenes pictures and videos: Lori Taylor, Yohanna Peet and Kirin Bhatty.

*Including a quick peek at how they achieve runway legs here with a damp Beauty Blender and Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tip Tuesday - Bronzed and Bright

Get ready for a weekly dose of tips and tricks from Celebrity Makeup Artist and Prtty Peaushun creator, Bethany Karlyn!

To kick off this new beauty routine of TIP TUESDAY, we naturally chose to highlight a perfect use of Prtty Peaushun in your summer-time look... and we're not just talking about glowing gams.

Bethany Karlyn illustrates below how you can use Prtty Peaushun to bronze and brighten your mug as well as other tips to achieve a sun-kissed and dewy complexion.


My favorite way to use PP as a bronzer is to use a shade or two darker than your skin and apply it first to the areas of the face that would be hit most by the sun... the high points: across the top of the forehead, the crest of the cheekbone, the bridge of the nose, the point of the chin and even the brow bone under the brow. 

For a fresh dewy effect, the next step would be to apply a cream blush in a warm peachy tone to the apples of the cheeks. Keep the youthful AND approachable look going with a sheer moist effect on the lips. Use a tinted lip balm in a bright warm tone OR create your own by lightly tapping  a touch of the same cream blush you used on your cheeks onto the lips with your finger. Forego any liner if possible and finish with a healthy slather of lip balm. I Iike to use a big cocoa butter stick by Palmers, available at drugstores. Add a swipe if waterproof mascara and this creamy look will let you dive into summer from the pool to the beach, to the gym, to work and out on the town. 

For a quick dash of smolder at night, rim the upper and lower waterline inside the eye with a dark waterproof pencil and dance 'til dawn looking as fresh as you started!

- Bethany Karlyn