Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fashion Magazine has the FIX for you!

Fashion Magazine is Canada's high fashion and beauty site.   Read below as Poonam, contributing editor, fixes some real life beauty questions and of course recommends Prtty Peaushun!!

I’m still up for baring my legs for nights out, but my summer colour is long gone. I’m not wild about self-tanning. Can you suggest an alternative to prevent my limbs from looking ghostly?
The fight against tights in the fall is real, because it seems that once you give in, you really can’t turn back for the following six months or so while winter runs the show! If you’re going to be baring leg, you better moisturize with something intensive, like Prtty Peaushun ($40, This body lotion is no joke, with ingredients like avocado butter, jojoba gel and green tea extract and It comes in five subtle shades, so it provides range for a hint of tint without committing to a colour for days at a time. It’s healthy for your skin and makes your limbs radiant without looking like you spent the afternoon toiling with a bottle of self-tanner in your bathroom. Success!

Read the rest of Beauty Fix here:::

Thanks OPEN SKY!

We want to give a huge THANKS to Open Sky for hosting the extremely successful one day promeau for Prtty Peaushun!  Always keep your eyes out for amazing deals at this fab one stop shop.  We are honored to be in both Tracy Anderson's and Molly Sim's shops!!

Here is what they have to say about our lovely lotion:

Molly Sims

I'm going to let you in on a little beauty secret: this is the lotion the professionals use! It was created by makeup artist Bethany Karlyn. She's done pretty much everyone's makeup out here in L.A.—Penelope Cruz, Reese Witherspoon, Salma Hayek, Iman, Farrah Fawcett, BeyoncĂ©, Shakira, you name it. What makes this so amazing is the tiny light-reflecting particles in the lotion, which gives you this incredible natural glow. It actually gives you definition so you look slimmer!

This also comes packed with completely raw ingredients and minerals that help hide imperfections like redness, varicose veins, stretch marks and even cellulite. And even though this is a body lotion, you can use it in your hair, too! It will totally get rid of those frizzies and give you a great shine.

Tracy Anderson

Bethany Karlyn is a genius, and her work as one of Hollywood's leading makeup artists speaks for itself. I have worked with her for years, and when we first worked together, she would bring these tubs of homemade lotion to set. The lotion gave my skin a youthful and radiant glow that I hadn't seen with any other product--I knew immediately that she was really on to something. After years of persuading, she finally decided to make this lotion available to everyone. Prtty Peaushun is a must for any special event when you want your skin to glow.


Friday, October 19, 2012

Fake a Post Workout Glow!

The Equinox Blog has included us among a list of products to use to recreate that lovely, healthy, post workout glow.  Many thanks to our friend, talented makeup artist Sage Maitri, we love your work and are honored to be a staple of your kit!!

Workout Glow
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The Faux Workout Glow

Recreate all the beauty benefits of a heart-pumping session with a few easy tricks (and not a drop of sweat).
Thursday, October 11, 2012 | Nicole Catanese
Picture yourself after killing a good-but-not-grueling workout: Your cheeks are slightly flushed, your skin looks clear and dewy, and even though your lip gloss is long gone, damn, you look good. The same reasons that a regular fitness routine does your body right extend to your post-workout aesthetic as well. “When you’re exercising, the increase in your breathing rate causes an increase of oxygen in your blood; your heart begins to beat faster to move the newly oxygenated blood to your muscles, and your small blood vessels widen,” says David E. Bank, a dermatologist in Mount Kisco, New York and founder of The Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic and Laser Surgery. "It leads to an increase of blood flow to the surface of your skin."
Whether it’s because you’re not hitting the gym until later or you've given yourself the day off, here’s how to get that fresh-faced effect. No workout required.
Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Gentle Exfoliating Treatment

1 Rosy Cheeks

Why You Get It: Disclaimer: We're after the pretty pinkness (not look-like-you're-gonna-die redness) that you get after a to-the-point strength and cardio hybrid. “The dilation of your blood vessels works to release heat,” explains Dr. Bank. “And since the air is usually cooler than our body’s 98.6, the blood runs under the surface of the skin, throws off heat to help cool you — and it’s this increased blood flow that causes the red appearance of the face after exercise.”

How To Fake It: Sure, you can layer on some pink blush and call it a day, but that’s not going to create the same finish as a natural flush. Kick start blood flow and increase circulation by applying a stimulating fruit enzyme-based mask (such as Kate Somerville's ExfoliKate Gentle Exfoliating Treatment), to clean skin, directly along cheeks for 30 seconds max, suggests Sage Maitri, a makeup artist in New York City. Then wipe off with a clean tissue.
Prtty Peaushun Skin Tight Body Lotion

2 Brighter Eyes

Why You Get It: “While there is no direct influence, regular exercise can help decrease the appearance of dark circles and puffiness underneath eyes,” says Dr. Bank. “Many times dark circles under the eyes are caused by low blood circulation and the increased blood flow can help them disappear.”

How To Fake It: All you need is a highlighter to reflect light off of skin. Maitri’s makeup kit staple: Prtty Peaushun Skin Tight Body Lotion in plain or light. (She says to ignore the body tout on the label and feel free to use it under brows, along the brow bones, and across lids). “Use this slightly iridescent and tinted cream over the body to perfect flaws, then tap what's left on your fingertips onto cheekbones, and a bit on the eyelid,” she says.
Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30

3 Radiant Skin

Why You Get It: As exercise increases oxygenated blood to the skin, expect a complexion-perfecting side effect. “When the small blood vessels widen, they aid in carrying waste away from cells,” says Dr. Bank. “Your body then releases toxins through your sweat glands — all of which leads to even and clear skin.”

How To Fake It: Two words: tinted moisturizer. These lightweight formulas offer the perfect cocktail of hydration and tint — evening out skin tone, not hiding it. If your skin is dry, opt for hydrating Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30; more on the oily side — try Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 Oil-Free ($43, “Because you want to keep some rosiness to your skin, keep your cheeks bare and use the tinted moisturizer everywhere else,” suggests Maitri.
Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick Sheer Tint Sunscreen SPF 15

4 Full, Rosy Lips

Why You Get It: Once again, you can thank the stellar blood flow. “When there is increased blood circulation, the result is a flushed face — which includes your lips,” says Dr. Bank. And since lips are naturally a bit tinted, a workout can take your born-with-it hue up a notch long after you put in the towel. “After exercise, this increased circulation keeps blood pumping for several hours,” he says.

How To Fake It: Not only do you need a surge of see-through color, you also need it to look fresh and hydrated. “Keep lips like yours but with a bit of moisture and a tint of color,” says Maitri, who reaches for tinted lip balm Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick Sheer Tint Sunscreen SPF 15.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Bethany Karlyn for OPI!

Look at Bethany's stunning makeup for the latest OPI campaign.  Of course she used Prtty Peaushun on set, look at that flawless skin!

Friday, October 12, 2012

TV Love: Comedy!!

Two of the best comedies on TV today have casts aglow in Prtty Peaushun and we are over the moon about it.   If you have not watched The New Normal yet, tune in it's hysterical.  If you have not watched  30 Rock by now you better tune in ASAP,  this is their last season.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Match made in Beauty Heaven!

Wow, what a brilliant idea!  Birchbox and GOOP are partnering!  Thanks Refinery29 for thinking of us, read below,  we are a favorite of Gwyneth's and would love to be included... some day...

GOOP & Birchbox, Together At Last — Get Excited

In a why-didn't-we-think-of-that moment, we learned that Birchbox and GOOP — two names we're excited to hear together — were teaming up for a special-edition-curated box for October. Guess what? It's October now! Good news for new subscribers to Birchbox's $10 a month membership: They can now choose to have their first box shipment "Goopified" (yes, that's a word — we may have made it up, but still).

The companies haven't announced what will be in the box, but we'd like to remind them that some of Gwyn's favorite prodcucts, like Butter London polishes, seem like they're just the right size. Also, we're not sure if they are aware that Prtty Peaushun lotions come in squishy bags, perfect for fitting into small spaces. We're just saying.

The box promises to be full of products completely backed by the GOOP team. And, everything will be available on in full sizes (!!!). We wonder if bee venom is going to be hard to ship.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Celeb Love: Katherine Jenkins

Our dear friend and uber talented celebrity makeup artist Patrick De Fontbrune is going on tour with the equally talented British soprano Katherine Jenkins.  Here she is singing with Placido Domingo on Dancing With The Stars aglow in Prtty Peaushun medium!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Another Glowing Review AND Giveaway!

Andrea of the Skinny Purse Beauty Blog not only loved our lotion she wanted to give her a readers a chance to win a pouch.   Check out her review below and click the link to head over to Skinny Purse and enter, good luck!!

Get Glowing with Prtty Peashun Skin Tightening Lotion
Giveaway! Prtty Peashun Skin Tightening Lotion
I was intrigued when the folks at Prtty Peashun contacted me to do a review. What was this product with the unique name? Well, it was just what I needed to get glowing skin during the last days of Seattle's summer. Prtty Peashun's light-reflecting formula glides onto skin, creating an illuminating and smoothing effect. Created by celebrity makeup artist Bethany Karlyn, Prtty Peashun Skin Tight Body Lotion is made with natural ingredients and comes in an understated packet.
Available in five shades - there is something for every skin tone. I chose medium and it is perfect. I love to use it whenever I am wearing a dress or skirt, to smooth out skin and add a subtle glow to my legs. It smells good, and I like knowing that the ingredients are vegan. The formula does take some time to dry, so be careful if wearing a white skirt - the color could transfer.
I've had the 8 oz packet for a month now, and still have quite a lot. A little goes a long way. You learn more about Prtty Peashun and shop at
Giveaway! Want to win your own? Enter 3 ways:
1) Like both Skinnypurse and Prtty Peashun on Facebook.
2) Follow both @Skinnypurse and @PrttyPeashun on Twitter.
3) Follow the Prtty Peashun Blog.
Please leave a comment below to let us know how you entered. And - if you would like to join the Prtty Peashun email list to be the first to know about future "promeaus".
One lucky reader will be selected via and winner will be announced on Friday, October 19th, 2012. US Residents Only. Good luck!

click here to enter:::

Thursday, October 4, 2012

In The Press: STELLA!

We are over the moon to be featured in the September issue of Stella Magazine as one of 20 of the best beauty products from around the globe.   Check it out!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Top Workout Tunes for October!

Yes, it's fall but you still want to look fab in those skinny jeans don't you?  Work it out to these tunes, the top 10 voted on by listeners at Run Hundred, the web's most popular workout music site.

Dragonette - Let It Go - 131 BPM

Christina Aguilera - Your Body - 104 BPM

One Republic - Feel Again - 70 BPM

Dierks Bentley - 5-1-5-0 - 118 BPM

Psy - Gangnam Style - 134 BPM

Maroon 5 - One More Night - 93 BPM

Scissor Sisters - Only The Horses - 127 BPM

Flo-Rida - Whistle (Disfunktion Remix) - 128 BPM

Ivan Gough Feenixpawl & Georgi Kay - In My Mind (Axwell Remix) - 127 BPM

Enrique Iglesias Sammy Adams - Finally Found You - 128 BPM

To find more workout songs, check out the free database at Run Hundred. Browse song selections by genre, tempo, and era to find the music that best fits your workout routine.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ready for Romance?

Spa Week Daily just mentioned us in their post "The Getting Engaged Beauty Routine".  We could not agree more, if you are planning a romantic getaway, Prtty Peaushun is a MUST.   We'll  make you look great in your birthday suit!  Check out the story below, nice ring Marissa!!

The “Getting Engaged” Beauty Routine

When my boyfriend told me he had planned a romantic surprise weekend, I was pretty sure that there was an engagement in the cards. But not totally sure.
Still, I didn’t want to look like a slouch for the occasion, and like most girls I spruced up with some beauty products. A whole lotta beauty products. In fact, I didn’t even realize how many products we use to get ready for a big night until I thought about it today. Here’s a snapshot at my pre-engagement beauty routine:
I used Sara Happ Vanilla Bean Body Scrub, which has extra large sugar crystals and smells delicious. There’s no shortage of shampoos and conditioners in my shower, but I grabbed Kerastase Bain Force and Frederick Fekkai Technician Color Care Masque since I love the way they smell [Note to self: Kerastase running unusually low. Strong suspicions that boyfriend has made friends with it]. Then, I used Living Proof Prime as my leave-in to ensure my blow-drying handiwork stayed in tact throughout the weekend. (It did! Still going strong after 5:00p.m. on Monday!)
As for my nails, I’m a diehard DIY manicure kind of girl, so if I’m going to outsource the job it’s gotta be a special occasion. I headed to Deva Spa in Soho for one of their notoriously particular manicures (read more about this here). The technician took one look at me and insisted “I have a color for you.” She layered a sheer bubblegum pink over a sheer iridescent pink, both by Zoya. See it (and the ring!) above.
Then, much to my chagrin, I realized there was no time for a spray tan (I’m obsessed) and threw a container of Prtty Peaushun in my weekend bag instead. At least I could smooth on this tinted lotion (with light-reflecting particles) and make my legs look a little tan for an hour or two.
Finally, I packed my favorite cheek color: Sue Devitt Gel Bronzer (the best bronzer EVER), two concealers (Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier), Blinc primer and eyeliner, and Clinique High Impact Mascara (if you haven’t tried Clinique mascara, do it. They’re all amazing.)
Phew. Do you use more or less products than that? Have you counted? Let us know your go-to beauty products for a special occasion below.