Tuesday, December 31, 2013

PRTTY PEAUSHUN at the GAPFIT Concept Store

Just in time for your New Years Resolution - PRTTY PEAUSHUN is now available at the Gap Fit Concept Store in New York City! Get your PRTTY PEAUSHUN, perfect for post workout muscles, and other fitness essentials at 680 5th Ave, New York, NY.

See the store below and check out more information at Racked.com.

Friday, December 27, 2013


Start 2014 with a glow! Brighten someone's New Year and we'll return the favor and brighten yours with this giveaway!

Comment below and share with us why someone you know could use a little glow. We'll randomly select a response and send PRTTY PEAUSHUN to you and the friend of your choice! 

Only one response/comment per user, multiple responses will lose contest eligibility. Once selected, winner must provide personal and friend's address. Contest runs through 12/31/2013 and ends at 11:59pm PST.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

TIP TUESDAY: Holiday Fitness with Tracy Anderson

This TIP TUESDAY we're sharing some much needed tips on how to make the most of the holidays without having to skimp on the good stuff! Tracy Anderson shares her hot holiday tips on Bethenny here.

Sunday, December 22, 2013


This SUNDAY SPOTLIGHT is not only a PRTTY PEAUSHUN favorite but also an Oprah favorite - so there's no question how fabulous they are - presenting: DOOBOP!

DOOBOP is the brain child of beauty line creator, Jodie Patterson, and former beauty senior beauty-marketing executive, Benjamin Bernet. The two came together to fill a void in the beauty realm. Just as the world is beautifully diverse - they sought to diversify the beauty world. 

"The plan: to create a chic online shopping destination that mirrored the ethnic diversity spotted daily on the streets of New York City."

DOOBOP wanted to take the struggle out of beauty and did so by going against the cookie cutter one-size/product/color fits all beauty offering. The result? A unique selection of carefully curated beauty products for all ethnicities, skin colors and styles. 

The beauty team behind the scenes at DOOBOP is an impressive lineup of pros. The experts include a hair architect, makeup artists, a nutritionist, hair stylist and dermatologist. But that's not all, DOOBOP also utilizes influencers from all over the world. 

As if their story and approach to beauty didn't win you over (we doubt it) DOOBOP also gives back by donating $1 of every order to the Community of Unity (CofU) who has worked to empower young people to achieve success and fulfillment by awakening in them a unique sense of purpose and potential.

It's not hard to see why Oprah is such a fan. Check out her current favorite DOOBOP product here.

PRTTY PEAUSHUN, a product perfect for all skin types and tones, is thrilled to be offered at an equally diverse and forward-thinking beauty source. 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

This gift is JUST right - Goldie Blox

This gift is too pink. This gift is too girly. Goldie Blox - now this gift is JUST right! (See what we did there? Couldn't resist!)

Goldie Blox caught our attention at the beginning of the holiday season. This is more than just a toy - we're completely behind the girl power message and the empowering of little girls. Goldie Blox is "engineering toys for future inventors" and we totally dig it!

Despite coming under recent scrutiny for the use of the Beastie Boys "Girls," (which has been removed from the below video) we're sure that Goldie Blox is going to be under many Christmas Trees this season. In fact, our very own Director of Marketing and Promeaushuns may have told Santa to get this for her little girl.

What unique toys have you found this holiday season?

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

TIP TUESDAY: Perfect pins and Caroline Hirons

This TIP TUESDAY we're sharing Bethany Karlyn's tips for perfect pins! Bethany shared her pointers on getting your pins in tip top shape for the holiday season with the beauty industry belle, Caroline Hirons.

Check it out here and enter for your chance to win PRTTY PEAUSHUN just in time for the holidays!

Sunday, December 15, 2013


This Sunday we're spotlighting a PRTTY PARTNER who knows a thing or two about the glow - presenting b-glowing.com!

"We believe that beauty is a life-long journey. It is not a search for perfection, but an individual search for your own authentic expression of beauty. The beauty products that we provide are a means to express your true inner self: strong, smart and beautiful! We’re here to guide women to glow with inner and outer radiance – to showcase their AUTHENTIC BEAUTY."

How does b-glowing achieve this? Many ways, but check out the top 10 reasons you should MAKE BEAUTY with b-glowing.

B-glowing started the same way many of our own beauty obsessions began. As a little girl, Lisa, founder of b-glowing, could always be found digging through her mother's beauty products. Over years, Lisa turned that obsession into a career and created b-glowing in order to share her passion for beauty beyond her circle of friends.

So, what's in a name? B-glowing comes from Lisa's aspirations for the outlet: 
B: “Be the best you can be”, “be you”, “be truthful”, “just be!”. GLOWING: "from reflecting the radiance we all deserve to have inside and out!"

PRTTY PEAUSHUN has been thrilled to be featured among the amazing products at b-glowing.com. They carefully curate their selection by focusing on brands "that operate with an independent spirit." And they believe "there is an honest passion behind these brands which reaches out to the consumer." Those words definitely ring true for PRTTY PEAUSHUN and we love that b-glowing has taken notice.

We aren't the only ones gushing over b-glowing, Instyle Magazine named b-glowing best of the "DIGI" for 2013 in last month's issue.

We could go on and on about why we love b-glowing, but we think you get the idea. B-glowing is also sharing the glow in the latest from their beauty guru vloggers, as they reveal why PRTTY PEAUSHUN should be on your pins this holiday season!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Be Strong and Shine

It's no secret that we strongly support all female hard-workers, entrepreneurs, aspiring leaders and strong women. Unfortunately, as respectful and rewarding as those labels and positions are, they can often be met with negative stigmas and gender-biased stereotypes. 

We are LOVING this Pantene ad discussing just that. Be strong and shine ladies!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

B-glowing.com Blogger Beauty Reviews

B-glowing.com is certainly spreading the glow! Don't take our word for it - listen to not one, not two, but three beauty blogger gurus' review of PRTTY PEAUSHUN and why it should be on your pins now! See the full video here!

Bglowing Newsletter

We love love love B-glowing.com and it's not just because they have GLOW in their name. Turns out the love is mutual - check out PRTTY PEAUSHUN in today's newsletter!

Spend and save with B-glowing.com's holiday discounts!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

TIP TUESDAY: Dodge Dry Skin

Winter is in full swing! Temperatures have dropped, thermostats are rising and a hot shower has never felt better. Unfortunately, our skin doesn't react too kindly to all of the above. Keep your skin in check and crack free with this week's TIP TUESDAY from PRTTY PEAUSHUN creator and celebrity makeup artist Bethany Karlyn!

Already suffering from the dreaded dry skin? Hint - moisturizer is NOT moisture in a bottle. It will seal in moisture, so make sure to apply to damp skin. When it comes to our face, since we have no idea what’s in our tap water, the ideal application would be to mist first with an Evian atomizer, available at beauty supplies.

Right after spritzing or jumping out of the shower, slather on your favorite moisturizer. PRTTY PEAUSHUN in plain is perfect to use in the Winter months under layers and right before bedtime to stay silky smooth as you sleep (a humidifier isn't a bad night time investment also). Because there are no minerals that could transfer color to clothing, don't worry about jumping right into your sheets or clothing.

Skin is still looking lackluster? Dark skin is prone to ashiness so avoid titanium dioxide if possible. If not, look for the ingredient to be low on the list or to be micronized. To counteract, be well moisturized with a mineral-oil free product. For African American skin, a dusting of peach powder will warm you up and rid the ashiness. For Latinas, a banana powder will do the trick.

Sunday, December 8, 2013


This Sunday we're spotlighting a PRTTY PARTNER across the pond, in Germany to be exact - introducing Niche Beauty!

Niche Beauty, housed in Hamburg, provides an exclusive array of beauty products from around the world. This selective and luxury beauty e-tailer provides a silver platter of the best of the best in beauty. Their curated product selection stems from boutiques and perfumeries from around the world and brings these high-end products together in one place. Shoppers can find a range of products from hers to his beauty needs, to travel and home items.

When selecting said products - Niche Beauty holds a specific criteria checklist:

"Innovative textures, extraordinary design, outstanding ingredients, innovative recipes, exclusivity or that certain something"

In addition to all of the above, customers can also receive some Niche Beauty perks. Sign up for the beauty newsletter and save 10% on your first order (bottom right hand corner of site) and 3 free samples with every order!

Be sure to check out the Niche Beauty Christmas Magazine and find them on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Meet Bethany Karlyn on BeautyMart!

You know her product, you've seen her work, and you receive her insight every Tip Tuesday - now it's time to get to know her! Meet Bethany Karlyn, the brains behind PRTTY PEAUSHUN and makeup artist to the stars.

BeautyMart had a one-on-one with our beloved Bethany - get the scoop here!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

A depiction of real beauty and the disabled

We absolutely had to share this. A very moving and real depiction of true beauty, raising awareness for the disabled particularly in the realm of fashion. See the whole story here.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Petite PRTTY PEAUSHUN on People Style Watch!

It looks like the new PRTTY PEAUSHUN travel size is creating some buzz! PRTTY PEAUSHUN has long been a People StyleWatch favorite and they are equally as excited about our new 3 oz. pouch! 

"Now we don’t have to check our luggage for the sole purpose of having Prtty Peaushun on vacation (which we totally used to do and yes, it was worth it)."
ZoĆ« Ruderman People StyleWatch

Bethany's favorite lips for the holidays!

Recently, lip tips have been a hot topic on the PRTTY PEAUSHUN Blog and this entry is no exception. Whether you're wanting bold lips, like in this week's Tip Tuesday, lasting lipstick or wondering how to get luscious lips, all of the below products can be used alone or in combination to achieve some of these looks!

Right now, our PRTTY PEAUSHUN Creator and Celebrity Makeup Artist, Bethany Karlyn, is LOVING Ilia Beauty's Organic Lip Products. Check out a few of her favorites below!

Iko Iko Lip Crayon
Gypsy Lip Gloss
Lust For Life Lip Conditioner 
Arabian Nights Tinted Lip Conditioner
Femme Fatale Lipstick

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


We've talked lips before - luscious lips and lasting lipstick - but the same rules don't apply when it comes to sporting that loud lip. This TIP TUESDAY Bethany explains how to achieve a bold lip with a bit of a different technique - combine with the previous TIP TUESDAYS above and you're sure to have a perfect pout!

Get a hard edge for the fall with a strong lip look. To really carve it, sharpen your pencils gals! Make the most of your lip line by using the side of the pencil tip rather than the dead on point. Rest the side of the pencil in the center of one side of the lip and use a windshield wiper motion to get the tip onto the edge of the lip line. If enlarging the lip, just go to the outer lip edge for the most realistic look. Make any corrections with short sketchy strokes. 

Filling the lip in with pencil before lipstick gives extra staying power. To take that to the next level, powder the lip through a single ply of tissue before lipstick. Want the most budge proof lip, blot the lip with a powder paper folded lengthwise, powder side out, then apply lipstick.

Would you rather have a strong glossy mouth? Apply gloss directly over penciled in lips.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Gloss48 Gift Guide

With Cyber Monday madness in full swing - get some #gift #inspiration from Gloss48.com gift guide - including PRTTY PEAUSHUN, JUARA Skincare, LAQA & Co., MaskerAide, Rainbow Honey, hellomellow and more!

"For everyone from the hostess to the tween to the busy mom, these chic beauty gifts are absolutely swoon-worthy... and they're all under $40!"

Sunday, December 1, 2013


This Sunday we're spotlighting an e-tailer who chooses their product selection with a fine tooth comb.

Lila Mae features a variety of products, for himherhome and baby. From tasty treats to household accessories to beauty products, Lila Mae is a prime one-stop-shop, especially as the search for the perfect gifts is underway.

However, this array of products aren't just what's "hot" or picked at random. Lila Mae has two specific criteria when stocking their selection: the product must be made in the USA and the product must be sustainable. Of course, these criteria aren't met at the expense of style.

"Our mission is to empower and inspire you to do your part to grow the economy, protect our environment and embrace your health without sacrificing joy or style." 

So why are these two characteristics focused on at Lila Mae? Their product selection features USA-made sustainable items because they believe in highlighting the vibrant talent that lays within our land while at the same time, protecting that land.

PRTTY PEAUSHUN is proud to meet these two criteria and is thrilled to be among the American-made green products that line the virtual shelves of Lila Mae. Shop PRTTY PEAUSHUN and other amazing goodies online at LilaMae.com or at their popup shop in West Hartford Connecticut (95 Memorial Drive).

Thursday, November 28, 2013

We're giving thanks to our PRTTY fans!

PRTTY PEAUSHUN wants to give thanks to our PRTTY fans!

Enjoy FREE shipping in the U.S. ($8.50 less international shipping) with code: HOLIDAZE13 here!

Have a glowing Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tools of the trade - eyelash curlers

If you caught last week's Tip Tuesday, then you know giving your eyelashes a curl is necessary to make eyes pop. Check out PRTTY PEAUSHUN Creator and Celebrity Makeup Artist, Bethany Karlyn's, favorite tools of the trade below!

The gold standard for the best metal eye lash curler that makeup artists swear by is Shu Uemura ($20). 
It has a long bed plate that curls lashes rather than bends them giving a nice open natural look to the eye and reduces risk of breakage to the lash. 

The Sephora brand ($16) heated wand eyelash curler is great for not getting pinched and can be used before and/or after mascara. Gentle on the lash and is also helpful for unruly eyebrows.

Tweezerman Corner Lash Curler ($10.00). A great tool for getting at the lashes you may have missed or to use on the outside of your eyes for a little extra curl.

The Rolls Royce of heated eyelashes curlers is Hotlashes ($35). It heats up a tourmaline crystal pad and creates an ionic flow that locks in a 24 hour curl. 

In a pinch (pun intended!), use a metal teaspoon as an eyelash curler. 
After applying mascara, press lashes between your thumb and the outer edge of the spoon to create a curl. A quick blast of heat from a blowdryer on the spoon first to warm will help set the curl even better.


The second issue of Sorbet Magazine is here and it's taking things "Back to Black!" 

"With the Winter 2013 issue of Sorbet, uncover the dual connotations associated with Black - both sleek, cutting edge and fashionable or dark and mysterious."

Despite the dark theme of the issue, there was still room for a little glow. PRTTY PEAUSHUN is extremely pleased to be featured in this issue's SCOOP. PRTTY PEAUSHUN was also slathered on the female AND male models thanks to our own PRTTY PEAUSHUN creator, Bethany Karlynwho was the makeup artist for the shoot and worked along with an amazing crew to create the story below.

See behind the scenes images of the shoot here!

The brains behind the scenes:
Photographer: Miranda Penn Turin
Creative Direction: Studio Sorbet
Art Director: John Blaine Creative Director / Brand Spokesman / Stylist
Producer: John Blaine
Women's: Jeannine Braden
Men's: Anthony Sartino and Camille Jumelle
Makeup: Bethany Karlyn for Prtty Peaushun Using MAC Cosmetics
Hair: John Blaine using Number 4 High Performance Hair Care
Charlotte Carey at PhotoGenics Media
Zeb Ringle at DT Model Management
Todd at Q Management