Tuesday, December 10, 2013

TIP TUESDAY: Dodge Dry Skin

Winter is in full swing! Temperatures have dropped, thermostats are rising and a hot shower has never felt better. Unfortunately, our skin doesn't react too kindly to all of the above. Keep your skin in check and crack free with this week's TIP TUESDAY from PRTTY PEAUSHUN creator and celebrity makeup artist Bethany Karlyn!

Already suffering from the dreaded dry skin? Hint - moisturizer is NOT moisture in a bottle. It will seal in moisture, so make sure to apply to damp skin. When it comes to our face, since we have no idea what’s in our tap water, the ideal application would be to mist first with an Evian atomizer, available at beauty supplies.

Right after spritzing or jumping out of the shower, slather on your favorite moisturizer. PRTTY PEAUSHUN in plain is perfect to use in the Winter months under layers and right before bedtime to stay silky smooth as you sleep (a humidifier isn't a bad night time investment also). Because there are no minerals that could transfer color to clothing, don't worry about jumping right into your sheets or clothing.

Skin is still looking lackluster? Dark skin is prone to ashiness so avoid titanium dioxide if possible. If not, look for the ingredient to be low on the list or to be micronized. To counteract, be well moisturized with a mineral-oil free product. For African American skin, a dusting of peach powder will warm you up and rid the ashiness. For Latinas, a banana powder will do the trick.


  1. I've also fed up with my dry and itchy skin. It always happen to me in winters. I'll follow you guidelines to get a hydrated skin.

  2. We feel ya - happens to all of us! As always, prevention is always the best medicine. We hope to hear these tips worked for you!