Friday, December 27, 2013


Start 2014 with a glow! Brighten someone's New Year and we'll return the favor and brighten yours with this giveaway!

Comment below and share with us why someone you know could use a little glow. We'll randomly select a response and send PRTTY PEAUSHUN to you and the friend of your choice! 

Only one response/comment per user, multiple responses will lose contest eligibility. Once selected, winner must provide personal and friend's address. Contest runs through 12/31/2013 and ends at 11:59pm PST.


  1. My bff Ashley could definitely use a little glow in her life. 2013 was a very rough year that literally started with a marriage, and the death of her father 2 days later. 6 months later her marriage fell apart, her mom was ill and moved from Madrid to Maui. She is now doing a lot better but some lotion would certainly make her glow brighter

  2. Thanks for the entry Barbie! We hope the new year will bring a fresh start and good fortune to your friend. And who knows, maybe it will be a GLOWING year for both of you!

  3. My neighbor has been looking for a job for a few months now. She has learned the hard way how a degree can also hurt you. She is really needing something to make her feel pretty and glow like the amazing person she is. This will be a start.

    1. That's a great reason Leslie! Very nice of you to suggest your neighbor. Stay tuned to see if you'll both be glowing in 2014!

  4. My friend could use a little glow. After having 2 miscarriages, she still tries to have an optimistic attitude about not giving up. Love her