Tuesday, October 1, 2013

TIP TUESDAY: Lip Service

What's the point in creating the perfect pout if it's going to smear/disappear/crack with wear. And with fall upon us, bold lips are a staple and they do not take kindly to messy lines or bleeding color. Bethany Karlyn, Celebrity Makeup Artist and Creator of PRTTY PEAUSHUN shares her tips on lips!


The key is to get all the oils out of the lipstick thereby creating a stain. To do this apply lipstick over bare lips, then blot with papier poudre powder papers to suck up the oil and leave a layer of powder. Blend any powder bits in by tapping with the 4th finger. For extra deep stain, repeat with second coat and blot again. 

Tip – don’t have powder papers? Separate the two layers of a piece of tissue. Hold one piece over the lips and using a powder brush and loose powder, powder on top of the tissue so it goes through to the lips. Blot remaining on extra piece of tissue.

Also, when going for a BOLD color or DARK lip be sure to line first! Perfect the shape of your lip or change your lips shape all together. This will prevent messiness from color bleeding onto your skin. 

Lastly, adding some foundation/concealer/ or powder on the skin around your lip line will make your pout look crisp and flawless.

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