Tuesday, October 29, 2013

TIP TUESDAY: Fearless Falsies

This TIP TUESDAY is just in time for Halloween (but can be used for everyday too). Whether you're taking the sexy or spooky route, so many Halloween costumes can be given a little extra oomph with false eyelashes. Bethany Karlyn, creator of PRTTY PEAUSHUN and celebrity makeup artist shares her insight on how to fake it with falsies.

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EYELASH STRIP APPLICATION - It isn't easy, but the effect is definitely worth the effort.

  • Trim the band from the outside of the lash to fit the eye 
  • Remove any excess dry glue on the eyelash from it being attached to the form
  • Apply a very sparing amount of glue to the edge of the band 
    • Bethany uses duo surgical glue in clear - dark can make a mess if you aren't accurate 
  • Give the glue a few seconds to get tacky before applying and blow on the glue a bit
  • Apply from the outside in, directly above the lash line. 
    • A tweezer may help if you feel clumsy with your fingers
  • Make sure the lashes are tight to your lash line and pinch the lash to your own lash to get the angle right 
  • Remember to curl and mascara your natural lashes first for a more natural look OR if using paper lashes/feather lashes/foil or anything other than hair. 
  • If the band needs camouflaging, use a pen liner for ease and accuracy or a whatever liquid eyeliner you prefer.   
    • Stay away from pencils as the oils may loosen the glue
  • If using HAIR LASHES, marry the false lash to the mascara'd natural lash by putting a finger sideways across the top of the false lash and mascara lightly through the tips from the underside of the natural lash pushing through to the finger. 
    • This will maintain the curl of the lashes and marry them together while holding the false lash in place. 
  • For a more dramatic look, do not mascara natural lash first. curl and mascara both the natural and fake eyelash completely, in the same way as above (from root to tip, pushing the wand through to the finger). 

Check out these fun fakes for a little extra Halloween fun!

The above paper eyelashes can be found here.


  1. What is your favorite brand of false eyelashes? I usually get the extensions, however would love to find an amazing strip or flare lash brand that gave me a similar fabulous look! Thanks!

  2. Great question Kaela,

    My favorite false lash is a half lash #307. They are my go-to for almost every situation. They should be available at most professional beauty supplies. (I get mine at Frends Beauty Supply in North Hollywood. They have a website and could be ordered there!) They are human hair and just natural enough while giving a nice upswing to the outside creating a beautiful almond shaped eye.

    Aside from that, Shu Uemura makes gorgeous lashes that are more unique (and of course more expensive - they range from about $20 to $30 per pair.)

    -Bethany Karlyn, celebrity Makeup Artist and creator of PRTTY PEAUSHUN.

  3. Amazing thank you!!! I will make sure to stop by :) I'm always looking for a great beauty store find!!!