Friday, May 21, 2010

Meet Bethany.....the Creator/Founder of PRTTY PEAUSHUN!

Have you ever wondered how Prtty Peaushun got started? Who's idea it was? etc....Get to know the creator and founder of Prtty Peaushun.....BETHANY KARLYN.  If you want to see her credentials, resumes and bio check out her website:

1. What were your first steps in starting your business?
Coming up with the formula. Although I’ve been mixing up my own formula at home for use on the set, it was not the exact formula I wanted to release to the public. The issues I wanted to address concerned natural ingredients, raw plant extracts, and natural preservatives to affect a positive change in the condition of the skin besides the aesthetic payoff.
Is this a passion of yours?
Yes… apparently, so. It starts as passion and then obsession takes over…

2. How large a part does creativity play in your business? With your original  idea?
Creativity plays a huge role in my business, especially with the original concept, because I created this product for the camera. It had to be visually stunning first and foremost.

3. Did you do any primary or secondary research prior to starting your business?
Primary:  Searching the marketplace for competitive products to ensure that my product was going to be unique. Also, using it on set for discriminating celebs and models for over 10 years to test the response and performance of the product.
Secondary: Researching ingredients and extracts that would give me the properties I was looking for in the formula. Seeking out the right relationships with a chemist, filler, fulfillment, packaging, labels, website, etc, etc…

4. Did you write your business plan yourself or did someone help you?
Business plan schmusiness plan. Noooooooo... I’ve done biz plans for other businesses I was trying to get off the ground. They all involved investors and partners and took ages to organize and none of them got off the ground. After 10 years of that, I decided to pare things down, simplify and fly solo.

5. How did you arrange financing? Or did you use personal savings?
Personal savings... part of the flying solo philosophy. Which is why I started with one product, one size, five shades.

6. Who is your target market?
Celebrity makeup artists, celebrities, models, dancers, singers, swingers, musicians, athletes, actors, wannabes, the young and the young at heart.

7. What is your best marketing technique and do you still use this marketing technique today?
Getting my product into the hands of those mentioned above... The power of word of mouth by influential people and early adopters is priceless. Pursuing media opportunities, seeking press mentions and utilizing social networking as a grassroots form of advertising.
8. What makes your business unique?
My product was developed by a professional makeup artist with 25 years of set experience, having been tested on the most discerning bodies in the world for over 10 years. It gives a gorgeous effect while being natural, raw, vegan, eco-friendly, fragrance free and locally produced to leave the lightest carbon footprint possible.
9. How are you managing in a down-turn economy? What are you doing differently?
Well, I started in a down-turn economy, so I don’t know any differently. I hope that the prudence that’s been required to survive in these times proves to be the strong roots that will allow us to flourish as the economy improves. I believe that tough times bring out creativity and that risk brings opportunity. When we look back on this time, I think we’ll see that lots of exciting and inspiring companies, products and ideas came out of this period.

 10. Do you plan on selling your company sometime in the future?
You buying? LOL... Let’s see what the wind brings... I wouldn’t be opposed to the right situation. I have lots of other ideas up my sleeve. The road doesn’t end here.

11. Are your rewards tangible? Intangible?
Both, really. My makeup career has been driven by the whim of others. Now I’m in the driver’s seat. My efforts are bringing a more consistent return both emotionally and financially.

12. Anything else you would like me to know about your company?
I launched PRTTY PEAUSHUN in January 2010 and within 4 months; I’ve earned back my initial investment and have appeared on the bodies of countless celebs, in the kits of countless makeup artists and on the pages of both national and international magazines. I have been blessed to have the encouragement, support and enthusiasm of so many influential people. Without them, PRTTY PEAUSHUN would not be here today!

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