Wednesday, March 23, 2011

JWoww from Jersey Shore Feels Sexier with a Tan...and with some Prtty Peaushun as a Finishing Touch!

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*JWoww used Prtty Peaushun for this interview about her new product with Australian Gold*


March 22, 2011
JWoww is taking a piece of the "Jersey Shore" to Indianapolis for a photo shoot to help launch her new indoor tanning lotion JWOWW Ultra Tanning Dark Bronzer by Australian Gold. We spoke exclusively with the tan and tone reality star regarding life after "Jersey Shore," relationships and of course, tanning.
Jenni "JWoww" Farley has re-teamed with Australian Gold after their success with JWOWW Black Bronzer, telling us, "I feel sexier when I tan. I feel more fit. I feel more healthy." She continues, "tanning is my lifestyle." Not content with just putting her name on anything, the 25-year-old "really wanted to be 100% hands on to the best of my ability...A lot of people will just put their name on anything and don't care either way as long as they get a check."
With the "Jersey" gang heading to Italy everyone is wondering what will become of her relationship with Roger Matthews, telling us it's "gonna make or break our relationship." Looking to life once the show has ended, JWoww is working on a possible pilot with her "Jersey" co-star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and maybe a future behind the camera. " I only like to be in front of the camera for so long, so I would love to do production. I would love to work on TV shows."
Executive Producer JWoww? Stay tuned.

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