Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bethany's Favorite Valentine's Day goodies!

"Happy VDay my little glow bunnies!!! Sharing some of my favorite for your special evening:
For chocolate... Well, I could write a book. I love Leonidas and Vosges and in a pinch Godiva is sold everywhere now, I think even in Target. 
Truthfully, I'd be just as happy with a Canadian KitKat... So superior to our own. They use Cadbury chocolate! Secret... You can get them at Cost Plus World Market! Just don't shop at mine...
Lingerie... What does your guy prefer??? Mine prefers no lingerie, wink, wink. Either way Prtty Peaushun will make you look otherworldly.
Romantic Song... Aaron Neville singing Tell It Like It Is... Oooh baby!
Sexy Song...Etta James singing You Can Leave Your Hat On... RIP.
Sexy movie... Body Heat. Oh yeah. Kathleen Turner is hot, hot, hot.
Romantic Movie... In tribute to Whitney... The Bodyguard... RIP."

Thanks Bethany and to all our readers Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

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