Thursday, February 14, 2013

How do you let your love GLOW!?

Happy Valentine's Day Prtty people!

The Prtty team wishes you an amazing love-filled day and we want to thank you for all of your love, support, reviews, recommendations and enthusiasm for Prtty Peaushun. 

All of the above have made these past few years absolutely glowing for us! We wanted to not only thank you with our Valentine's Day shipping discount (see below) but also, give you a sneak peak into who the Prtty team is and what we're doing to let our love glow this holiday.

We would love to not only see how Prtty Peaushun is giving you that extra glow today, but what you're doing to make today special for you and your loved ones -- please share!


Bethany - Creator and Celebrity Makeup Artist

"I'll be getting my GLOW on Persian style tonight! The hubs and I will be double dating with my bestie and her beau. Looking forward to an evening of pomegranates, pistachios, Prtty Peaushun... and belly dancing! 

Wishing you all a special V Day and thanks for spreading the love!"

Tami - Prtty Peaushun Partner and Managing Director

My favorite way to let my love "Glow"?….Paying it forward.  Giving without the thought of getting something back.  Smiling at people and giving a compliment from the heart.  Being supportive. And taking care of myself, so that I have the opportunity to give these things of myself in a healthy and balanced way.  

Happy Valentine's Day to our Prtty Family!!!!!  Hope you are enjoying today and everyday.

Dawn - Director of Marketing and Promeaushuns

My favorite way let my love GLOW is to say "I love you" to my husband and children first thing in the morning everyday!  Following that up with a family hug adds an extra special GLOW.

Happy Valentiens Day PRTTY people!

Rebecca - Manager of Social Media

I'm letting my love glow by making sweet and healthy treats for friends and family. Chocolate covered strawberries, raspberries and almonds are a surefire (and guilt-free) way to brighten up any day! 

Happy Valentines day to you and your loved ones!


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