Monday, March 18, 2013

You use THAT for WHAT!? - Featuring Director of Marketing and Promeaushuns, Dawn Goodburn

Every now and then, an unusual beauty trick is discovered by chance rather than trial. In this case, the story behind this You use THAT for WHAT!? post is even more entertaining than the unusual product.

We've all heard that this product is great for hair, but who honestly has been brave enough to slather it on to test the myth. Our Director of Marketing and Promeaushuns, Dawn, was unintentionally the guinea pig and now swears by this beauty routine!


I never thought I'd learn a beauty tip from a frat house in college. It was Freshman year and I was pledging at a sorority - one of our tasks was a raid at a fraternity. We thought we were a bunch of sassy stealth sisters going to ambush the guys. Unbeknownst to us, someone (thanks older sorority sisters) tipped them off and they were ready for us with their own counter-attack. I was the lucky recipient of an industrial size tub of mayonnaise all over my head! After I got past the shock, embarrassment and shear horror that I was drenched in a sandwich condiment - I learned a fabulous beauty trick.

To this day, every now and then I bathe my locks in mayonnaise. It is a wonderful, all-natural and affordable way to add moisture, shine and even help your hair grow! When you treat your hair with mayonnaise, you get the benefit of L-cysteine--an amino acid and powerful antioxidant found in eggs that can give your hair strength, shine and structure. According to the Health and Body Fitness website, L-cysteine not only makes up 18 percent of your hair, but is also a keratin-forming substance that increases the hair shaft and hair growth density.


Real Simple provides some tips if you're uneasy about massaging mayo into your tresses.

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