Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Just checking in....

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend....now back to the daily grind!

I recently shot advertising for Forever 21 with photographer Giuliano Bekor; shooting celebrated fashion blogger Rumi Neely of fashiontoast.com. For makeup, I did a strong dark eye with lots of lash and a pale creamy glossy lip. Her skin was dewy and flawless with Prtty Peaushun as a base to her foundation… and prtty peaushun on the body as well!

As always, keeping Tracy Anderson’s look fresh on The Daily 10 on E! with Catt Sadler and for the premiere of Ironman 2 for which she trained Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert Downey Jr.

Additionally, I recently shot Brenda Vacarro with photographer Starla Fortunato for Venice Magazine talking about her experience on the set of You Don’t Know Jack, the story of Dr. Jack Kavorkian, currently playing on HBO. It was exciting to work with a legend like Brenda. Her stories are worthy of a screenplay. Her work on the film was brilliant. Check it out if you haven’t already!

But one of the things I'm most excited about is a recent trip to New York to meet with the Beauty Editors of many of the magazines and introduce them to Prtty Peaushun. The response was overwhelmingly positive! Keep your eyes peeled for mentions this summer and fall... Or check in here on the blog!

xx Bethany

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