Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The War on Cellulite

Let's face it, we all have cellulite....(well most of us anyways) and the war against cellulite is never ending.  There's so many "tips" on how to get rid of cellulite but do any of them really work? Can you even get rid of cellulite? Honestly, maybe if you're lucky but most of us are just stuck with it. So why not just make the best of it and accept your body the way it is.  Afterall, loving your self and your body is one of the best things a woman can do.  So the writers from the "Beauty Editor" compiled a Cellulite Investigation, which is a must read for anyone plagued with the problem.  They picked their top choices of lotions, creams and "peaushuns" to help make the best of the cellulite situation.  It's definitely a must read and you might just learn something too!

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