Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday Giveaway!!

**Excerpt taken from "The Beauty Girl"...visit their page to win FREE Prtty Peaushun to get your skin glowing, and ready for Fall:

One person’s high may come from seeing a double rainbow, getting up on waters skis on the first try or landing a dream job. My thrills come from discovering a gem of a beauty product from the tons that I try, and of course, I get a kick out of anything that’s FREE.
bodybronzerprttypeaushun-300x225Hence, I was so excited to introduce you to a celebrity best-kept secret and one of my favorite summer finds, Prtty Peaushun. Due to the overwhelming response to my post back in May, I couldn’t help but make this skin enhancer today’s FREEBIE! Can you feel the rush?
Claire DanesI’m giving 3 of you the chance to win your own body glow in your desired shade. Choose from light, medium, dark and deep dark. Just picture it: You’ll be shimmering as stunningly as the stars on the red carpet.
To enter to win this giveaway, comment on the post, follow me on twitter (twitter.com/NPTheBeautyGirl) and RT this message. Don’t forget to tell me which shade you want!

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