Monday, August 2, 2010

Tracy's Take on Cellulite

Celebrity Fitness Trainer Tracy Anderson and her Take on Cellulite: What Really Works....

Skin tone is one of the biggest issues that we as women face. Poor skin tone can negatively affect the self-confidence of any woman – no matter how beautiful. After all, cellulite is what makes us want the lights off in front of our partners; and what drives us to wear Spanx and sarongs over bathing suits in 90 degree weather.

For the fortunate few, cellulite can only be seen when the skin is pinched or while sitting at an unflattering angle. However, for many women, uneven skin tone is often difficult to hide and can be found in the most unexpected places.

The truth is that we don't have to accept cellulite and loose skin as a fact of life. We can get rid of it – and at any age! I have eliminated cellulite on countless clients from all walks of life through hard work, dedication, and an understanding that there is not a miracle pill, cream, or treatment.

Before you can begin to tackle your skin tone issues, you must accept that living an inactive lifestyle is the largest contributor to cellulite. If you are thinking to yourself, “Yeah right! I exercise daily and I still have cellulite!”, then you need a crash course in understanding how the body produces uneven skin tone. We all have fibrous cords that connect our skin and muscles. When we gain weight our fat cells are pushed against these cords. This forces our skin to dimple and our fat to bulge out. As we age, it only gets worse because our skin naturally becomes less elastic.

While your genetics and daily stress can also play a role in causing cellulite, learning to use your muscles properly and performing cardiovascular work to your fullest extent are the keys to eliminating skin tone irregularities, organically. If you are a Tracy Anderson client (either at home or in the studio) you know that my method reengineers your muscular structure through the constant flow of new workout sequences, prescribed specifically for you. These unique sequences are based on targeting the accessory muscles (the small muscle groups). Strengthening the accessory muscles while burning fat through intense cardiovascular work helps to create a tight knit group of small muscles that actually pull in the larger muscle groups and even out your skin tone.

If you follow my program you can achieve a cellulite-free body. However, do not fool yourself into believing that once you have reached your goal you can slack off. Be assured that if you don’t keep up with this program, you will lose your hard earned results. On a personal note, I live happily and consistently in a six-pound weight zone. If I start to creep up to the top of it, I notice little cellulite issues. However, if I am at my average or lower weight, I see not one imperfection.

Now to the fun part!

While exercise is critical to achieving beautiful skin, we should not forget that there are some genius beauty products available to help our skin glow and to feel extra soft and sexy. Four years ago, I was introduced to Bethany Karlyn, one of the best make-up artists in the world. During our first photo shoot together Bethany brought a home-made skin potion to the set in a Tupperware tube. After applying this mystery cream just once, I absolutely refused to ever be photographed or filmed without it!
Since that day I have pleaded with Bethany to manufacture this product; not just for the millions of women in the world who desire beautiful skin, but also so that I can glow every day. Why did I only get to look this good in photos?

Four years later Bethany has launched her Prrty Peaushun skin line, and I am screaming from the rooftops that it is the best beauty lotion you will ever find! Prrty Peaushun is that rare beauty product that makes you look supple and luminous without overdoing it. Bethany’s line offers three different shades of the perfecting cream, in addition to a plain shade for everyday use. She has infused it with properties that ease muscle soreness - because I know you would never think of not working out - as well as, the true skin tone stimulators that promote exfoliation and appearance.

As an extra treat for my online community, Bethany and I made a fun mess in my kitchen whipping up an amazing shower scrub to be used at home before applying your Prrty Peaushun. Check back tomorrow for the recipe!

- Tracy

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