Monday, April 11, 2011

Beauty Heaven Named Prtty Peaushun 1 of the 10 BEST Body Perfectors!

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10 Apr 2011 05:00 AM | Posted by bh'sOlivia
We know that having a great bod isn’t always about long legs and a flat tummy – you also need to feel comfortable in your own skin (which is why even supermodels can’t always rest on their laurels when it comes time to strip off!).

A beautiful body is about working with what you’ve got to create the best results possible – but hey, who said a girl can’t have a few tricks up her sleeve to help her out along the way? And if you’re going to get your hands on a few great body perfectors, you may as well start with these...

Prtty Peashun Skin Tight Body Lotion
“This shimmery skin lotion provides an instant skin brightening effect that I just love. A tiny amount covers a huge area. I only needed a 20c size piece to cover both arms well, so it’s great value for money. The light reflecting particles immediately disguise any body imperfections and give the illusion of a more streamline figure. It gives a slight tint to my skin without delivering an ‘oompa loompa’ -type finish. The moisturising formula also nourishes skin, so dry areas are eliminated as you wear.” Rating: 5/5 – bh’sOlivia

Stockist: Prtty Peaushun Skin Tight Body Lotion, $62,

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