Friday, May 27, 2011

Review by Art By Karena

Here is an Excerpt from "ART BY KARENA" 

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Prrty Peaushun

Next is a beauty product that for woman my age 

Fab over Fifty

and all others will appreciate!

A most wonderful lightly scented, lightly shimmering body lotion, with amazing coverage

! When I received this it was still and some days ARE still cool here so I have not done bare legs yet. However I have used this on my face and decolletage and it is superb!

You  will need to read all of the organic elements of this special product!

Some Celebrities below that use Prtty Peaushun
Developed by Bethany Karlyn. celebrity Makeup Artist

This beauty product actually diminishes the look of bruising, veins, and cellulite.

You can see that it works for all skin types. Go on the site to see all of the gorgeous images showing use on legs and arms, Wow!

Last but not least look for an unbelievable Gift for one special winner from a company many of you will recognize and already love!

Announcement on May 15th!

I can never thank you all enough for the support and encouragement my friends!


Art by Karena

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