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Pretty: How to Glow Without Shine

This week, Swelle's resident makeup expert Corinne O'Brien offers advice on what to look for and what to avoid in achieving that sought-after glowing skin, thanks to a question submitted by reader Gemma:
'What is the best way to apply light diffusing concealers and other products formulated for adding glow, without looking overdone and shiny?'

 C: There are many ways to bring a subtle, natural looking glow to your skin.  Start by choosing the feature you'd like to highlight. Whether it's your skin, bone structure or body, just remember that picking one feature is key when choosing to do the dewy look.  It's also important to keep placement in mind - this will ensure that you don't look overdone and shiny.
First, you can add a glow with makeup:
Use light diffusing concealers in the undereye area where it is most needed to lift and detract from dark circles. 
For blemishes and discolouration use a regular concealer as you don't want to highlight these areas.
Try a luminizing moisturizer. MAC does a great one called Strobe Cream which is a pearlized face cream that gives you a great glow underneath your makeup or on its own.  Benefit High Beam is another great product for highlighting key areas on the face such as the top of the cheekbone, down the middle of your nose, or on the browbone.  All of these areas lift the face and bring light to the areas you want to highlight.
I recently came across a new face and body lotion called Prtty Peaushun (pronounced 'Pretty Potion' and yes, it's really spelled that way).  This product claims to not only make your skin glow but also lifts, firms and tightens the skin - who doesn't want that? It adds a subtle sheen to the skin that accentuates muscle tone and makes the skin look flawless.
Apparently, you can also drink your way to a healthy glow. A new product called Glowelle  promises to make you glow from the inside out.  This beauty drink contains dietary supplements and skin-beautifying antioxidants that work to help fight signs of ageing by nourishing the skin.  (Or you can just get 8 hours of sleep every night, eat healthy and drink lots of water!)

So there you have it! Several ways to add "glow" to your daily look without a lot of fuss and with beautiful results.

Enjoy the summer and go get your glow on!
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