Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lisa Eldridge loves us too!

The amazingly talented and lovely Lisa Eldridge is a loyal fan of Prtty Peaushun.  If you've never checked out her blog, you MUST.  She gives great tutorials and lists every product she uses on her high profile shoots.  In her latest post she writes about creating a natural and fresh look for Vogue Turkey.   Thanks for the love Lisa!!

Gallery Update - Thursday - 29/11/12 - 4:58pm

Gallery Update - Joan Smalls (& Product Rave)

I love this shoot I did for Vogue Turkey with Joan Smalls, she really is one of the most beautiful women I've had the good fortune to work with. We shot a cover and fashion story along with these black and white shots (to accompany an interview she has in the issue), and a subscribers cover all in the space of a couple of hours... a testament to what a great model Joan is ...she really knows how to work it!!
I kept the make-up natural and fresh with glowy skin and used Prtty Peaushun (pronounced Pretty Potion) Skin Tight Lotion in Dark on Joans body skin to give a radiant sheen. I'm slightly obsesssed with this stuff, its so effective at subtly reflecting light to even out skin tone, give a gorgeous glimmer and firm up the silhouette ... its stuffed full of skin tightening ingredients. Available in plain and four shades to suit all skin tones, I really couldnt be without it in my kit for shoots and red carpet, its magic!
The comapny is based in Los angeles but they ship internationally from their website:
I get mine in the UK from and I find their service very good .
All photos and interview from the December issue of Vogue Turkey
Photographer: Cuneyt Akeroglu
Hair: Jonnie Sapong

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