Thursday, January 31, 2013

Beauty tool cleaning with Bethany Karlyn

So maybe if we start spring-cleaning now this winter weather will go away? (If only!) 

Either way, there are certain things that you shouldn’t wait until that one time of year to clean, (hopefully clothes, dishes, all those everyday things.) But one everyday item seems to fall through the cracks are your makeup tools. 

We know you wouldn’t go months without washing your every day face washcloth (gross,) so why neglect your beauty tools? 

Although we’d love to believe our skin is flawless and clean, every time we use makeup brushes they are collecting bacteria, oils and dead skin. Soon, that builds up and makeup isn’t the only thing we’re painting on our faces anymore. 

So, in order to avoid a bacteria breeding ground and caked-up makeup in your brushes, you must clean them! There are many methods out there, but yours truly, celebrity makeup artist and creator of Prtty Peaushun, Bethany Karlyn, is here to share her tips with you!


Beauty tool cleaning with Bethany Karlyn

Parian Spirit (1) has always been in my kit since the beginning of time. It cleans, conditions and disinfects all brushes including sable and squirrel hairs. This environmentally safe cleaner dissolves all types of makeup products including oils, powders, waxes and adhesives without the need for water. No artificial colors or fragrances. Won't damage paint or wooden brush handles. Mild citrus scent. Most importantly… it's fast-drying. This is essential for the set.

Another great option when no water is available is makeup remover face wipes. I use Comodynes wipes (2). I always have the sensitive formula on hand. I used to bring a suitcase full of these back from Paris when I'd go to do the shows. Now they're available at Trader Joes! Infinitely less expensive than a round trip flight to France… but not quite as fun! 

For convenience especially when traveling or for my makeup kit, I love the new Beauty Blender Solid (3) for cleaning my brushes as well as my beauty blender. It's everything the original cleanser is plus the ease of portability of a solid. Light lavender scent.

At home or in a hotel, when there's plenty of time for drying, a mild shampoo will do the trick or a gentle dish washing liquid. Just as they cut through oils for hair or dishes, these products do the same for the oils in makeup. After washing and thoroughly rinsing, I like to spin the handles quickly between my palms to create a centrifugal force that spins all the excess water out of the brush hair. Then I reform the brush hairs into the intended shape and stand it in a glass to dry. 


We'd love to hear your tried and true methods! 

Happy cleaning!

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