Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tip Tuesday: Mastering Mascara

The one makeup product I would want on a deserted island (other than a lifetime supply of sunblock) would be mascara. I can’t face the world without it. And considering the elements on an island, I’d make it waterproof! - Bethany Karlyn

Mastering mascara may seem like an easy feat, but there are many minor steps to take into account. When do you curl? How to get rid of the clumps? What to do BEFORE mascara?

Bethany Karlyn, creator of PRTTY PEAUSHUN shares her lash advice here:


In preparation, first, tissue off any possible moisturizer from lashes and dust lightly with powder. This gives a nice base to build on. 

To curl or not to curl? And WHEN?

An eyelash curler will really open your eyes. Be sure to curl before mascara. Start at the base of the lashes and “walk” the curler out along the length of the lash by squeezing at the root then midway, then again at the tip to achieve the softest curl and avoid a 90 degree bend.

Give a heated eyelash curler a try for the next step in eyelash curling technology. To get the same effect on the cheap, hit your metal eyelash curler with a blast of heat from your hairdryer. Be sure to check the temperature on the inside of your wrist before applying to your lash. It should be warm enough to set the curl but not warm enough to scorch.

The main event

Apply 2 to 3 thin coats of mascara then separate lashes with an eyelash comb if needed.

Mascara mishaps

Mascara drying out and getting clumpy? Get a few more uses by dipping the closed tube of mascara into a cup of very hot water. This will loosen the product up again for a time until

you can replace your mascara. Remember, pumping the wand in and out of the mascara tube will force air into the tube and dry it out quicker. Instead, just swish the wand around inside the tube and see how much longer it lasts.

Mascara smudgies under the eyes? Only use mascara on the upper lashes and curl the lashes so they don’t bump under the eyes. If you can’t bare to be without mascara on your lower lashes, consider using waterproof just on the lowers. Smudge-proof formulas can be a nice happy medium for top and bottom.

*To open up your eyes and show off those lashes even more, apply Prtty Peaushun to the brow bone to highlight and brighten!*

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