Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Trip Tips - Glow on the Go!

Hopefully it's a fabulous vacation that you'll need this advice for, but maybe it's a business trip. Either way, if you're taking off anytime soon, make sure your beauty routine is ready to be sky high!

Airplanes are extremely hard on skin due to dehydration, so this is the perfect time to slather the face and body with PRTTY PEAUSHUN in PLANE (Ha! We couldn't resist!)

Our aviation advice? Freshen up with a spritz! Drink lots of water, no caffeine, alcohol or salty snacks, and spritz with a tiny (under 3 oz. of course) travel size atomizer. Look for mostly water with the fewest additional ingredients, to avoid irritation. Best to fly sans makeup if possible. Wear only smudge-proof mascara on your top lashes, lots of moisturizer all over (this is where PRTTY PEAUSHUN comes in) and lip balm.

Up up and away and happy jet-setting! 

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