Tuesday, September 24, 2013

TIP TUESDAY: Dealing with the DREADED!

Dealing with the dreaded, unavoidable, annoying and never timely - yes we're talking about ZITS.

Everyone gets them (and if you don't we're CRAZY jealous!) So, how does a makeup artist make a molehill out of mountain and make that pimple disappear (or appear to vanish.) Celebrity makeup artist and PRTTY PEAUSHUN creator Bethany Karlyn shares her tips.

Pimples and blackheads? Don’t pick! Picking leads to scarring. Serious skin problems should be treated by a dermatologist. The doctor can inject a big nasty zit with cortisone to shrink it quickly for those inevitable flare-ups before a big event. For more casual skin problems like blackheads, if they’re shallow enough, a face strip should remove them nicely. In a pinch, put some Elmer's glue over the blackhead and let dry, then peel off and take the blackhead with it. Products with glycolic acid will gently slough off the top layer of skin and help keep blackheads at bay.

If you’ve already picked a pimple and made a scar, any product with hydroquinone will help lighten the spot. Look for the highest percentage or for it to be listed high on the list of ingredients. The higher an ingredient is on the list, the higher the percentage in the formula. Apply with a q-tip to the spot.

Get a head start on a pimple at bed time. The body heals while you sleep. Make sure your face is clean and apply a product with salicylic acid in the highest concentration possible. Salicylic acid is aspirin… works on a headache and works on the head of a zit or a whitehead.

In a pinch, there are several household items that that will chase away that blemish quickly -  try a dab of milk of magnesia, calamine lotion, Neosporin and even honey! Honey is an anti inflammatory and it kills bacteria – perfect for healing a zit. *Remember to use a small round band-aid over the honey unless you want to wake up with sticky face, hair and pillow.*

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  1. Great tips! I will surely follow them. thanks for sharing for they will be very useful for people like me who are searching for ways to deal with pimples and blackheads.