Tuesday, September 17, 2013

TIP TUESDAY: Get in line!

With autumn around the corner, the fresh-faced simple makeup of summer turns into an edgier and more dramatic fall makeup look. And what is a sultry post-summer look without eyeliner? Bethany Karlyn, creator of PRTTY PEAUSHUN shares her tips on how to get the perfect liner look.


If your eye pencils are too soft to sharpen
Pencils can become soft either from the heat or due to the type of pencil – kohl pencils are super soft. If this is the case, toss them in the freezer for about 10 min or drop tip first in ice water and sharpen right away. To re-soften the kohl, hold tip between fingers for a moment or breathe on it. That’ll do the trick.

If your lip or eye pencils are hard and pull at the skin warm them up first by either holding the tip between your fingers to allow the heat of your fingers to warm up and soften the product, or else, just put the tip in your open mouth and breathe on it – same result.
Also, a trick that our Social Media Manager uses is melting just the tip of the pencil against the outside of a hair straightener that's turned on (or is still warm). This is perfect if your pencil has been sitting out without a cap.

Oily skin can make eyeliner smudge. Be sure to powder the area first or use powder eyeshadow. 

Liquid liner has the best staying power but is the most difficult to control. Try liquid eyeliner gel applied with a small angle brush. Another easy method is a liquid eyeliner felt tip pen. 

For a softer opaque line, use your favorite deep matte eyeshadow and apply with an angle brush dipped in liquid eyeliner sealer, available at professional beauty supplies. In a pinch, instead of the sealer, use Visine.

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