Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Few of Bethany's Favorite Things: Part II

The holidays are right around the corner so we thought we would post some more of Bethany's faves!

Sprayology Homeopathic Sprays - I'm a huge believer in homeopathics and the spray delivery makes it fun and convenient. With a wide range of remedies for the relief of a variety of complaints such as cold, flu, allergy, jet lag,  hangover, snoring, sleeplessness, pms, stress and menopause, to the support of the skin, hair, nails, brain, bones and metabolism, most of what ails ya' will be wavin' bye-bye.www.sprayology.com

Living Proof Wave Shaping Cream - Created by MIT chemists, this wave cream boosts my bounce to new heights. The gorgeous packaging made me look. The product inside made me a slave. www.livingproof.com.
Comodynes Wipes in Oats for Sensitive Skin - These fabulous 3-in-1 cleanser / toner / moisturizer wipes have been my best friend since they were only available in France. Every time I'd go, I'd bring an empty suitcase to fill with Comodynes and bring back to supply me and my makeup kit for the year. Now that they're available here, I can fill my suitcase up with shoes instead. www.comodynes.net.
Rohto-V Cooling Eyedrops - An Altoid for the eye!  Clears the sinuses, brightens the eyes and wakens the senses. Addictive. Great packaging. www.myrohto.com.

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