Wednesday, November 30, 2011

MAXIM Cover!

The amazing Makeup Artist Cara Maccianti worked on Maxim's November cover.  Check out the gorgeous glow on cover girl Kelly Kelly from the WWE.  Here is the write up from one of our faves,  15 Minute Beauty Fanatic, where Christine talks to Cara about her work.

What Does It Take to Be a Maxim Cover Girl? A Peek At Kelly Kelly's Makeup!

I will fully admit that while I've never actually read (or even opened) an issue of Maxim, I've long been fascinated by their covers. The girls look ah-maz-ing. Yes, they are super sex kittened up, but when a girl is featured on the cover they go all out. This month's cover girl is Kelly Kelly, from the WWE. She got the full Maxim girl treatment, though her look is surprisingly more natural than a lot of pics I found of her on-line. I got the scoop on her look from Cara Maccianti, the makeup artist that worked with Kelly that day.

Read on to find out what Cara was going for and what products she used!

I really liked this picture of Kelly from inside of the magazine, doesn't she look like she's just spent a day at the beach with glowing, amazing skin to prove it?

Of the look, Cara says, "This cover and feature were shot on location in Las Vegas, NV. Maxim wanted a more natural but smoking hot look and this is the look I created for the extremely beautiful WWE Kelly Kelly."

Cara used a few professional products (like the foundation), though she has easier to find alternative recommendations. I love that she even used products from Boots No 7, hello Target!

She has a some great makeup tips, like using a cream blush with a lighter, highlighting powder blush over it. The results last a long time and creates an amazing, fresh and glowing look. This is something I do a lot, though I use NARS Multiple in Orgasm and then just grab one of my MAC Beauty Powders for over it. I've made a few notes below the notes that Cara sent me.

RCMA Shinto 3 mixed down with Cetaphil moisturizer, Can use NARS Sheer Matte Foundation in Celyan and Deauville mixed down with Cetaphil moisturizer
**If you're hard to match to a tinted moisturizer, this is an amazing way to create your own! You can also vary the proportions to increase coverage as needed.

Boots No7 Stay Perfect Eye Mousse in Fudge. Place on lid with nylon brush blend upward. Layer lightly with more in the crease, to darken and define crease

Eye Highlight: 
MAC Cosmetics Nylon Under brow and inner corners of the eye, blended well

MAC Fluid Line in Dip Down, Very thin line right at the lash line, no bottom liner

INGLOT AMC Cream Concealer in 70 and 67

Undereye powder: 
Laura Mercier Secret Brightening powder in #2

**LashBlast Volume Blasting is the original orange LashBlast that I called a holy grail mascara. Love this stuff!

NARS Loose Powder in EDEN – lightly only as needed

NARS Multiple in G-Spot, MAC Blush Strada (Discontinued)
**Strada is discontinued, though there are some reports of it popping up at CCO outlets around the country. It's about $35 on eBay right now, but will be a repromote as part of the Gareth Pugh collection, available starting November 23rd. You can see a great swatch of it at Temptalia before you take the plunge.

Chanel Lipgloss #51

Body Lotion and highlight: 
Prtty Peaushun in “Plain”

Cara Maccianti 

Check out 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic here::

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