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Cassie Dulworth Loves Prtty Peaushun!

Cassie Dulworth uses Prtty Peaushun regularly, she just posted this on her blog, More Mascara Please.

The Scoop: My Shower and Skincare

Hi lovely readers! Long time, no talk. It's exam week here at KSU and I've gotten 3 our of 5 done. I figure I should be studying for accounting that deserves some procrastination/blogging time, don't you?! 
I've been thinking that it would be interesting to show you products that I use on a day-to-day basis.
I love reading posts like these and was actually inspired by a skincare post from Jennifer Stano's blog! She is a model/designer living in Cali and she is just gorgeous. Her skin is amazing too!
I hope you find these types of posts as entertaining and helpful as I do. In the next week watch for makeup and hair sections as well!
*Note: I have acne-prone and oily skin, and my skincare routine is adjusted as such. If you have dry skin, these products may not be for you.*
First is what I use in the shower and on a daily basis! My shampoo and conditioner change almost monthly, but these two are favorites right now. 

Shampoo: The Loreal Evercreme Intense Nourishing shampoo I got in a recent Target sample bag and loved so much I had to go buy it full sized. It has an amazing lather, smell and doesn't give my hair that "too-clean" feeling. 
Conditioner: This Clear Scalp Therapy conditioner has been a favorite for a few months and IS a repurchase. I love it because you can put all the way to your roots and it doesn't weigh your hair down! It also smells amazing.
Razor: I always use the Gilette Venus Embrace razor. I don't use shaving cream (or anything!) and this has amazing moisture strips. I haven't cut myself in months, promise. 
Not Pictured: I also use a coconut body scrub with a loofa along with a Dove Sensitive bar soap to wash my face. Simple and easy!
Acne Treatments: On my face I use the Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion every single night. This helps keep my acne calm, reduces the swelling of all cystic bumps and dries everything up. Fast. I shake it up, squeeze a little "pool" of it into one palm, and use my fingers to spread it into my skin.
Moisturizer: When I'm feeling a little dry I use the Control Moisturizer for Oily Skin, also from Mario Badescu. This is great without leaving me greasy or oily throughout the day/night.
Next, some products that I use weekly, but not every single day.
Face Wash: About once or twice a week I use the Mario Badescu Enzyme Gel Cleanser. This is an Alpha-Hydroxy Acid face wash, which means that is has AHA chemicals in it to help break down the dead skin cells and clear them from the surface. It's an exfoliator without being too harsh (great for acne-prone or sensitive skin).
Face Masks: I alternate between these two favorites. The Mario Basedcu Drying Cream is a face mask OR leave on treatment. It really dries up any stubborn bumps you may have. 
A tip my friend Lyndsey gave me: put on the Buffering Lotion then a layer of this Drying Mask. Let it sit for 20 mins. then wash it off. Reapply the Buffering Lotion and go to bed. When you wake up everything will look better/less-swollen/gone! I also use the Ahava Purifying Mud Mask which is gentler, but they clay draws out any impurities!
Moisterizers: Sometimes, like in the winter, I buff up my moisturizing routine. I use this Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil all over my face, but particularly around my nose where I seem to get driest. This product is a bit expensive, so look for the travel size in Ulta or Sephora if you're unsure about it. At night I use Vasaline on my lips and I always wake up with silky smooth lips, ready for any makeup!
These last products are ones I use for my body.
Lotion: I hate lotion. Anybody who knows me will tell you that. I don't know why but the thought of putting clothes on overtop of slippery, just-lotioned skin grosses me out. A lot. And then came the Victorias Secret Love Spell Body Butter. This body butter, let me tell you. I've raved about it in videos and it remains my favorite. It sinks in and dries EXTREMELY quickly, isn't greasy like a normal lotion and smells HEAVENLY. It's my favorite VS scent. Put on right out of the shower, in the steamy bathroom.
Special Occasion Lotion: This Prtty Peaushun Lotion is my weapon of choice. It's a celeb favorite for red-carpet nights and I can see why. It's a bit expensive, but smells amazing and has a glow that is unreal. Mine is in the light color. They have darker shades as well if you want to add some tan, or a "colorless" formula to slap on anytime. I use then when I go dancing to make my legs look killer. It works.
Deodorant: This is nothing special but I use the Ban Antiperspirant. It smells good and does what any antiperspirant should. (However I've been hearing amazing things about Donna Karan Cashmere...have any of you tried it?!)
Self Tanner: The True Blue Spray Tan (on sale!) by Bath and Body Works is my favorite at the moment. It has a 100 degree angle sprayer and goes on so smooth and easy. I put it on when I'm still slightly damp from the shower as I think it soaks in more evenly. I always wake up with amazing color that is not one bit orange (pale girls, you feel my pain with this one). A must for anyone.
Close up of all of my MB products. I'm slightly obsessed...this isn't even everything I have from his line. But that's for another post.

I hope you enjoyed this long and slightly ramble-y look inside my daily products! Seeing it all laid out here, I can fully admit that I am a product whore. I have no shame. I just love trying new things!

What do you use daily!?

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