Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Jessica Paré is PRTTY in PLAIN!

PRTTY Paré - Jessica Paré of AMC's Mad Men has been posing in PRTTY PEAUSHUN Plain all over the place! Makeup artist Kirin Bhatty introduced Paré to PP and we couldn't be happier that she loves it!

As we head into winter months, we always tout that PRTTY PEAUSHUN in Plain is perfect for underneath sweaters and to keep your skin in shape, but Paré proves that PLAIN can be just as PERFECT as any other shade for a night out!

We are MAD about Jessica Paré in PRTTY PEAUSHUN - almost as much as we are MAD about her performance in Mad Men!

Jessica looks flawless - per usual - in ALL of these pictures. For more gorgeous behind the scenes photos, follow her makeup artist Kirin Bhatty on Instagram (@Kirinstagram)  and check out her other fabulous work here.

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