Tuesday, November 26, 2013


To curl or not to curl? When it comes to eyelashes, we say CURL, of course! This TIP TUESDAY, Bethany Karlyn (celeb makeup artist and PRTTY PEAUSHUN creator) answers the real questions, WHEN and HOW to properly curl your eyelashes.

When it comes to opening your eyes, an eyelash curler is your best friend. So when should you curl? Before mascara! Start at the base of the lashes and “walk” the curler out along the length of the lash by squeezing at the root, midway, then again at the tip to achieve the softest curl and avoid a 90 degree bend.

Give a heated eyelash curler a try for the next step in eyelash curling technology. To get the same effect on the cheap, hit your metal eyelash curler with a blast of heat from your hairdryer. Be sure to check the temperature on the inside of your wrist before applying to your lash. It should be warm enough to set the curl but not warm enough to scorch.

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